Bigger and Better!

online Store news

Hey Twisted Bliss Boutique loves!! Who knew that we had our own little blog on our website :)

We want to keep this short and sweet but want to make sure you all know of the BIG changes at TBB! May 30th is our last day with a store front in downtown Helena, then we will be stictly online! We have loved seeing your faces downtown but we started out online and feel that is a better fit for us.  We have huge plans for our website and social media presence, I cant wait!!

Some of you might of seen the posts on my own personal FB page when I announced my decision to retire from behind the chair as a hair stylist and lash artist after 14 years and close the store front.  If you didn't see this I'll fill you in quick :) I tend to not say No enough... and between my 3 boys and  running 3 businesses my health has taken a hit bad :( after visiting with numerous dr's since last September and struggling to find what is going on with me there was always one consistent answer, lisa- slow down or your going to not be around.  As hard as it is for me to slow down I know this is the best option for my family and my health.  I'll still get to be involved with hair with my Monat business and I'all still get to run in the boutique world with our online presence.  But the beauty is I can do this from ANYWHERE!! I'm super excited!!

So be sure you are subscribed to our email list ( we will get these rolling in June), following us on SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook and our VIP page on FB wont want to miss all that is to come!